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myConsulting Information Technology Services

   We have implemented IT solutions ranging from small business installations to enterprise systems and infrastructures integrations and migrations. Our consultants have solid experience and exceptional technical knowledge of software development, installation, integration, administration, maintenance, operations and support.


Our Services:

  • Information Technology Service Management
  • Information Technology Security
  • Software Development and Integration
  • Installation, Configuration and Support of IT infrastructures
  • Change Management and Data Centers migrations 
  • Risk Management


Our Methodology:

   Through prior extensive experiences and knowledge of industry best practices, we have developed a baseline that we use to execute projects of all sizes by utilizing a predictable low risk and high quality approach. Our methodology focuses on rapid mobilization of resources using our re-usable framework to offer cost, time and quality benefits to our customers and partners.


Technologies Used:

   We use the latest and proved technologies available at the moment. We have learnt how to utilize the best human resources, best practices and latest emerging technologies. We partner with our customers to build custom solutions that fit their business needs.

Cyber security threats of 2017


   The Internet of Things promises to connect products across industries. However, a lack of robust security models is a major concern holding back the rapid growth experts predict. Wearable technologies and BYOD in the workplace have already seen an increase in demand, and we expect in 2017 for smartphones and other mobile devices to become a prime target for malicious attacks in IoT.


   Developers more than ever are under intense pressure to deliver timely results to the mass market, leading to a sacrifice of security ultimately resulting in poor quality products that are more easily compromised by criminals. The vulnerabilities of IoT could undermine the entire ecosystem, destroying users’ privacy and putting organisations’ private data and IP at risk.

10 Easy Steps to prevent 99%  of Security Threats

1. Do Not click on any links in emails from un-known sender

2. Do Not Open Email Attachments from un-known sender

3. Do Not click on fake download buttons

4. Do Not Use Admin Account on your PC

5. Use a Secure Browser

6. Hang Up on Cold-Calling Tech Support Agents

7. Ignore Security-Themed Pop-Up Adverts

8. Scan All New Files and Disks

9. Avoid Public Torrent Sites

10. Do Not click any links on Questionable web sites   

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