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   We provides wide range of Information Technology, Project Management and Financial Markets consulting services. We have extensive experience in delivering high performance, robust and sustainable solutions to world's largest organizations and industry leaders:

Reasons to Hire Us:


  • Your organization need to focus on your core business activities
  • We provide professional consulting based on best practices and experience
  • We deliver robust and sustainable solutions and services


  • Accenture
  • Bank of America
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Computershare
  • EFA Software
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Plats du Chef


Our solutions are based on industry best practices and real world experience. Our strengths:

  • Knowledge of best practices
  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • Professionalism and high performance
  • Robust and sustainable solutions
  • Communication and excellent client service


   Risk management is the practice of balancing an organization’s business mission with the inherent risks and threats that could negatively impact the organization to ensure that adequate risk treatment methods are in place.


  An area of growing concern is cyber security related threats, which can impact an organization in a matter of seconds and cause millions of dollars in damages and fines.

Project Management

   We offer services of certified Project Management Professionals who have an extensive, enterprise level, hands-on Information Technology and Financial Markets experience. We utilize PMI best practices combined with real-world, enterprise-level experience.

Information Technology

   We offer technical and subject matter experts, who have implemented a number of Information Technology solutions ranging from small, business software packages to enterprise systems and infrastructures. We have solid experience and exceptional technical knowledge of Software Development, Change Management, Configuration, Administration, IT Operations and Support.

Capital Markets and Cryptocurrencies

   Our certified knowledge of Capital Markets and Investment Banking combined with real-world experience offer unique and professional services that help our customers make right strategic and tactical planning and decisions to achieve their goals.

Benefits of Hiring Consultant

Cost Reductions

Hiring a consult can save money in other areas of business. Because your IT consultant is not a direct employee of your company, you do not have to worry about providing health insurance, vacation days, a retirement fund or training. You are also able to work out a fixed cost for the service and budget accordingly.


Regaining Needed Time

When individuals who have skills and talent in other areas besides IT try to pick up this kind of work, the results can be frustrating. Many hours can be lost to ineffective training sessions and focusing time and energy on maintaining IT needs while simultaneously trying to continue normal functions can waste time and add stress to your team. By hiring an IT consultant, you gain someone with the skills and knowledge to create efficient solutions and you have the time to focus on the aspects of business most important to you. 


Saving Money With Purchasing Power

Because IT consultancy teams have a singular business focus, they are able to deliver practical solutions quickly. They also have greater purchasing power in the areas of IT equipment, so their materials cost will be much less than trying to purchase certain material on your own. With access to the best equipment and the knowledge to use it well, IT consultants achieve an excellent economy of scale.


Access to Valuable Specialized Talent

Because of the technical expertise needed to create and maintain complex business IT solutions, it can be difficult to find individuals talented enough to handle the needs of your company. Rather than taking a gamble on hiring someone through traditional channels, hiring an IT consult gives you direct access to individuals with proven technical skills.


Improved Productivity 

In today's modern business era, productivity depends on a wide variety of technologically-based communication. From basic email exchanges to complex data functions, a business depends on the maintenance of servers and other IT platforms. Having fully trained professionals dedicated to these duties will increase your performance and keep you up to date with the latest innovations and keep your current equipment running smoothly for a greater length of time.


Remaining Competitive

New technology is what separates thriving business from those that are stagnating. For IT consultants, technology is a full time job and they have access to the most cutting edge equipment and technique to keep your business at the forefront of your industry.